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CSV attachments getting filtered even though these shouldn't be. -Email and Server Security Premium.

bqeitservices W/ Alumni Posts: 4 Security Scout


Recently we've started using Email and Server Security features in combination with our Exchange servers again, however it seems like some file types are getting blocked even though they are not supposed to be filtered out by the attachment filtering.

We get the following message:

Details: Disallowed attachment was detected. Action: The attachment was dropped Attachment name: 'xxxx.csv' Sender address: '' Recipient address: '' Subject: 'xxxx' Attachment size: 2225 Details: 'Attachment 'xxxx.csv' matches 'AttachmentFiltering::Included' stripping condition; Real type: application/octet-stream; description: INF or INI file; extensions: inf ini conf' Quarantine ID: '567504' .

Is there anything we can do to resolve this?


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