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Turn off F-secure stamps on icons

Michael112 W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout
edited March 2021 in WithSecure Business Suite

How do I turn off the black F-secure stamps on icons on my computer?


  • Ukko
    Ukko W/ Alumni Posts: 39 Cybercrime Crusader


    I think that your experience is about solution provided by your organization (or so things). One of F-Secure business solutions.

    Maybe, discussed there: 13.11 Data Guard icons — F-Secure Community (

    Client Security for Windows, Data Guard functionality, for example. Is it possible?

    If so, maybe you need to contact your Administrator or double check settings against such an ability locally.

    There are Online Guides for solutions:

    If you can manage out what is your F-Secure solution (maybe rightclick its tray logo and "About" entry) - then I could try to find any information too (I am also only an F-Secure user) somewhere.


  • Michael112
    Michael112 W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout

    >If you can manage out what is your F-Secure solution

    It is "F-Secure Client Security Premium version 15.11"



  • Lucaseuropa
    Lucaseuropa W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hi @Michael12 !

    I've permitted myself to move your conversation from the General board to our Business Security Products board.

    In addition to what @Ukko has already wrote, in order to disable the F-secure icons on Protected files and folders, please change this setting in Policy Manager Console under Advanced view:

    F-Secure Deepguard > Settings > Features > Dataguard > Protected folders > Show F-secure icons on protected folders = Enabled / Disabled

    The change in the setting is reflected on client system after the machine is restarted. 

    When the "Show F-secure icon on protected folders" is Disabled or Enabled from Policy Manager, restart is required for it to take effect on the client machine. This means that every time any change is made in the setting (Enabled / Disabled), restarting the client system is required. This is by product design.

  • Michael112
    Michael112 W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout

    >please change this setting in Policy Manager Console under Advanced view

    Where do I find "Policy Manager Concole"? I cant find it anywhere.



  • MonikaL
    MonikaL W/ Alumni Posts: 206 W/ Former Staff

    Hi Michael,

    Policy Manager Console is a remote management console for the most commonly used F-Secure security products, designed to provide a common platform for all of the security management functions required in a corporate network.

    An administrator can create different security policies for each host, or create a single policy for many hosts. The policy can be distributed over a network to workstations and servers. Policy Manager Console generates the policy definition, and displays status and alerts. The user cannot modify product settings in read-only mode or the properties of domains and hosts.

    The F-Secure logo appears in the files and folders are because F-Secure DataGuard feature is enabled by the Policy Manager console administrator. This is to let you know that DataGuard is protecting the files and folder. If you want to hide the icons, only the administrator can disable them in the policy using Policy Manager Console.

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