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Chiavi Prodotti F-Secure Client Security

lawkeeper W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout

Goodmorning everyone.

I have installed the new F-Secure Policy Manager 15 and applied the customer license key, but I cannot understand where to apply the keys of the client .jar packages that I have already imported that have a format


Thanks for support.


  • JamesC
    JamesC W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Moderator Posts: 506 Moderator


    First you need to Import the .JAR file to your Policy Manager Server:

    1. Log in to the Policy Manager Console
    2. Go to the Installation tab
    3. Click Installation packages 
    4. Click Import and select to import the .JAR file

    Then you can export the MSI installer:

    1. Select the package from the installation packages list and click Export 
    2. Enter the license key and follow the installation wizard instructions
    3. Once you have exported the MSI installer, install it on the host

    If you are doing Push Installation method:

    1. Click on push installation to Windows Hosts and add you Host.
    2. After you have found the host from your domain tree, select the .jar file you imported and authenticate with your admin account (the account you are logged in) and click Next.
    3. Click Start.
    4. After the Start you will be prompt with the Client Wizard page, so click Next
    5. Enter your license keycode and click Next.
    6. Choose the preferred language.
    7. Set your policy domain or host and click Next. For more, refer to the Admin Guide
    8. Now configure the communication with your Policy Manager Server. Make sure the Host identification is set to SMBIOS global unique ID. For the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, refer to the Admin Guide. and click Next.

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