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Policy Manager 15.20/SWUP: "Software updates - Last update is 7 day(s) old"

Bgaard W/ Alumni Posts: 7 Security Scout
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Getting back from vacation I'm seeing "Last update is 7 day(s) old" for Software updates in the "Server Events for the last 24H" box in PMC.

Anyone got a solution to this?

Seems that after v13 you can't force a connection to the update servers so I have no idea about how to troubleshoot except for digging in the logs...

In the fspms-software-updater.log I can see lots of current connection attempts to but few and old to


  • PMC is 15.20.95099 (on Windows Server 2012 R2)
  • Lots of disk space (30 GB free)
  • Pinging from the PMC server gets a reply from an server, and in a browser you get a line of text.
  • Restarting the server just gives a new "Last update is 7 day(s) old" in the Server Events box around boot time.
  • Both "swup-win" and "swup-win-db" are version 2021-07-27_01
  • I'm only seeing connections to Ivanti in the fspms-software-updater.log file lately, not to Opswat.

"03.08.2021 14:09:42,735 INFO [c.f.p.s.s.d.VersionCheckingFileDownloader] - Connected to url= (https:// )"" successfully without a proxy. Resource was not modified."

  • Latest Opswat connection I can find in the log file is from May:

"19.05.2021 14:45:50,141 ERROR [c.f.f.s.c.UrlDownloaderImpl] - Cannot download uri="(https:// ) [...]"

(Please note: Links are edited to "(https:// )" since I'm getting "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links")

  • The Ivanti link gives an XML-file in a browser on the server.
  • (https:// ) redirects to (http:// )

Best regards,


Best Answer

  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello Peter,

    Unfortunately, we have a known issue in the fresh SWUP DB, which prevents it from being published in production channel. We are working on a fix with priority, and will publish new SWUP DB update ASAP. We expect to have it published during this week.

    Best regards,



  • JamesC
    JamesC W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Moderator Posts: 508 Moderator

    Hi Peter

    We are pleased to share that the SWUP DB is now published in production channel, and will reach customers shortly.

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