Some Windows machines not seen in NT Domains

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We have Policy Manager 15.21.95774 deployed at Ubuntu 20.04 and we don't have DC with Active Dir.

Network is populated with WinXP, Win7 and Win10 machines in several NT domains, however when I try to locate machines with autodiscover it appears that some of the machines are not on the list although I know that they should be listed at particular NT Domain. Even some Linux machines are listed. Is there a workaround for this for the reason of pushing the policies and installation of the antivirus on local machines. Why some machines are listed and some are not?

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    Hi, this functionality relies on SMB1 that is disabled in Win10 by default. Furthermore, Windows Firewall configuration prohibits the network discovery starting from Windows 7, if not even XP:

    In order to get NT domains populated, you need both enabled for all hosts, including Policy Manger host.


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