Google Drive blocked by F-secure at 20.1.2022 ??

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I've seen this kind of alerts in my Policy Manager, since thursday 20.1.2022 clock 15:33.

DeepGuard prevented an untrusted application from modifying another process.

Application path: C:\Program Files\Google\Drive File Stream\\GoogleDriveFS.exe

Am I the only one seeing these in my PMC, or has someone else seen these also? We use an IP-phone app and a Remote Support tool, which were also "prevented" during last night.

I already excluded all three .exe files from Real Time scans, but I'm just curious to know, if this was caused by a F-secure database update, or did something else happen just only in our environment...? We did publish some Windows updates from WSUS also on yesterday, so that might also be "the guilty".

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  • James Chang
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    Hi Askoik

    This should have been fixed now with a new DB version to go with it.


  • James Chang
    James Chang Posts: 422 Moderator


    I am checking this with our detection team.

  • James Chang
    James Chang Posts: 422 Moderator


    Just an update - we are aware of the issue, and a fix will be released.

  • MarikusO
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    I had this problem too, especially when I was using Facebook. Thankfully something was fixed later and the problem disappeared.

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