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Good afternoon,

How to configure Linux Security to update itself via proxy?

I am using version 11.10 build 68 of the F-Secure Anti-Virus CLI Command line!

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    To configure HTTP proxy for database update in Linux Security 11.xx via setting file :

    1. Open the file below:


    2. Edit the following line:

     # http_proxies=

      http_proxies=http://[username:[email protected]]host[:port]

     For example:

      http://user:[email protected]:8080

    3. Restart fsaua service.

     # /etc/init.d/fsaua restart

    Please note that F-Secure Linux Security version 11.x command-line has reached end-of-life and is replaced by F-Secure Linux Security 64. 

    Note: You would need to use a different subscription key to install Linux Security 64.


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