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WithSecure Community User Guidelines

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Welcome to WithSecure's Community platform! This space is for our members, customers, partners, and users to connect, collaborate, troubleshoot, and exchange insights. Please read and follow the Community Guidelines below to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment. WithSecure may modify these guidelines, and your participation is governed by them and the WithSecure Site Terms.

Community Guidelines:

1. Respect and Courtesy: Treat others with respect and friendliness, embracing different skill levels and no dumb questions.

2. Relevant Posts: Keep posts relevant to the forum category and avoid multi-posting in various categories.

3. Privacy Protection: Avoid posting personal identifying information for your own privacy.

4. Appreciate Contributions: Acknowledge helpful replies with likes or accepting solutions, and respond constructively to unhelpful replies.

5. Engage and Share: Actively participate and share solutions and tips to brighten the community.

Prohibited Content:

1. Inappropriate and Offensive Content: Avoid posting deceptive, fraudulent, threatening, libelous, harassing, hateful, or NSFW content, and refrain from promoting illegal activities.

2. Copyrighted Material: Post copyrighted material with proper attribution or link to relevant WithSecure content.

3. Privacy Violation: Do not post content violating privacy rights or containing confidential information.

4. Misrepresentation: Avoid misrepresenting yourself or falsely implying an association with WithSecure.

5. Self-Promotion and Solicitation: Do not use the community for self-promotion, solicitation, or advertising, and avoid private solicitations for personal contact information.

6. Disparagement: Refrain from posting content that disparages WithSecure or its products.

7. Violation of Terms of Service: Do not interact in ways violating the WithSecure Terms of Service.

Moderation and Consequences:

WithSecure employees moderate all posts and comments for accuracy, helpfulness, and appropriateness. Violations may lead to post removal and temporary or permanent bans.

In summary, use common sense, treat others kindly, and help build a great community experience for everyone. We may remove non-conforming posts without warning and may ban violators.

Thank you for joining this inclusive community. For inquiries or feedback, feel free to reach out. Enjoy your collaborative experience!

Additional resources:

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