V12 Client Security no longer receiving updated definitions

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Our V12 Client Security installations are no longer receiving updated definitions. I guess they are fairly old now so perhaps I should expect this, but can anyone confirm if this should be happening?

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  • AndyF_PM
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    WithSecure (formerly F-Secure Business) has officially stopped delivering updates for 12.x series Windows clients and older.

    These products are already out of support, and used a completely different scanning technology to versions 13.x and newer. As such, maintaining these older updates was costing WithSecure a non-trivial amount of money every month.

    This change was communicated in advance to our Partners, and they should have informed their customer base.

    WithSecure reserves the right to stop providing updates for any product that has already reached end of life (end of support), but we do generally provide updates for a short period of time after this point has been reached.

    Partners can (and do) received email notification of such changes, but for end customers we advise to monitor https://www.withsecure.com/en/support/product-lifecycle-announcements which is updated appropriately (and in advance)


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