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MacOS: Virus definition updates and product updates not supported in Premium ?

SecurMander W/ Member Posts: 15 Security Scout
edited January 2023 in Business Suite


I have premium licenses for our clients but it seems like that "Virus definition updates" and "Product updates" are not supported for the v.15.03

Is that normal or maybe I did it wrong ?

Thank you for your reply.


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  • JamesC
    JamesC W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Moderator Posts: 526 Moderator


    Virus definition updates are actually supported on Client Security for Mac where it should be updated automatically unless you are using it in isolated environment/having connectivity issue to Policy Manager Server or disabling the automatic updates.

    Product updates - What did you mean by this ? Automatic updates to latest versions ? This is not supported yet. You need to upgrade the product manually by downloading the JAR file from our website.

  • SecurMander
    SecurMander W/ Member Posts: 15 Security Scout


    Thanks for your answer.

    What I mean is that I cannot choose to update virus definition and product updates as you can see in the image below.

    I only have this when I select a specific client.

    I can update if I select a group of clients instead.

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