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FSPM upgrading clients stuck 'in progress'.

DavidCES W/ Member Posts: 27 Cyber Knight
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Via FSPM v15.30 I have deployed an update of F-Secure client security to around 200 clients, but only 5 have succeeded, 199 have a status of 'in progress' and I am not sure why, I started this over a week ago so I expected more than 5 clients to have updated by now. In the meantime I have come across some clients which are definitely online that havent updated.

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  • JamesC
    JamesC W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Moderator Posts: 524 Moderator
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    Verify if the host is able to use the Policy Manager Server SSL connector or not, is to load the Policy Manager Server page via HTTPS (port 443 in default config) with Microsoft Internet Explorer from the managed host. 

    1. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer
    2. Go to address https://<YourPolicyManagerServerAddress>:443 

    If the connection works, you should see a message that tells you the Policy Manager Server is installed and is working fine. 

    In case the installation did not succeed on the host

    1. Remove the previous policy-based installation that is stuck in status In progress (Select the operation in the list of operations and click clear row)
    2. Reboot the system 
    3. Retry with a new installation

    Client version 15 clients might have an issue where the generation of the SMBIOS based method for the host ID.

    This results that after the update process the client remains in the "in progress" state and perhaps does not arrive at the PM.

    Try resetuid.exe to generate a new UID and see if the host arrives at the PM after that.

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