Dozens of alerts being received daily- 'A DNS query was blocked for a domain'


Once again, we are receiving loads of alerts for various URL's, some that I'm sure have been whitelisted previously.

I've submitted these via the submit a sample page and had no response. Below is a typical example

Here are the most recent alerts (1) from Policy Manager.

Warning: A DNS query was blocked for a domain.

From: UCL/XXXX, 2022-09-07 14:55:07 +01:00

Details: A DNS query was blocked for a domain. DNS:

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  • James Chang
    James Chang Posts: 416 Moderator
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    The DNS was blocked due to heuristic rules, and have now whitelisted the Domain. Can you please check again ?


  • DavidCES
    DavidCES Posts: 23 Enthusiast

    Thanks. Havent had any alerts for that particular url since yesterday afternoon now.

    Just received an alert for '' though and again I think I've submitted this as a false positive before too.