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Password for "Turn off all security features"

JUB W/ Alumni Posts: 9 Security Scout
edited June 2023 in Business Suite

Hi All,

On a client I have to temporarily turn off the protection ("Turn off all security features"). Now I am asked for a password ("Your administrator has protected this feature with a password.").

However, I am the administrator and do not know any password for this. At least it isn't the uninstall password.

In the Policy Manager "Allow users to unload products" is set to "Allowed always".

Did I miss something? Where is the password set?

Thanks, JUB

Best Answer

  • JUB
    JUB W/ Alumni Posts: 9 Security Scout

    Okay,  I have found the solution myself. I had to set "Allow users to unload products" to "Not allowed" once in the Policy Manager and distribute the policy. Then set it back to "Allowed always" and distribute the policy again.

    The password is now the "uninstall password" as expected.

    However, it was apparently necessary in the meantime to explicitly distribute the policy with "Not allowed". I had already set a new password before. 🤷‍♂️

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