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Documentation is unclear

garb W/ Member Posts: 7 Security Scout
edited February 12 in Linux Products

I received a license for "WithSecure Linux Security Command Line per user".

I want to do a standalone installation, but I cannot get what to do.

The documentation says to extract the file wit a name matching fsls-<major>.<minor>.<build>-rtm.tar.gz , but I didn't find a linl to download it in the first place.

The only files I found were jar files, for Linux 64-bit.

They is separate documentation "for Linux" and "For Linux64", and it's not clear for me if they are two different products or just something about the computer arch. If they are separate products, which is the one matching the license I got ? Where are the links to download installation package ? If they are the jar files for Linux 64-bit, then the documentation is really not clear about it.



  • LiselotteP
    LiselotteP W/ Staff, W/ Community Manager Posts: 321 Community Manager

    Hi @garb,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

    My apologies for the delayed reponse, I will ensure one of our team members gets back to you within the next 12 hours at the very maximum.

    Best regards,


  • Sethu Laks
    Sethu Laks W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Moderator Posts: 245 Moderator
    edited April 2023

    Hi @garb

    For the Linux OS, we offer two alternative packages that fit the needs of the customer's environment.

    Elements Endpoint Protection- Linux Protection

    Business Suites - Linux Security64

    In your case, the Linux Security 64 can be installed in standalone mode, but in order to do so, a Policy Manager Console is still needed.

    You can download the JAR package from this link.

    Follow these steps to create a stand-alone Linux Security 64 installation package:

    1. Log In to Policy Manager Console
    2. Select Tools > Installation packages from the menu
    3. Click Import
    4. Select the Linux Security 64 installation package that you want to use, then click Import
    5. Select the imported installation package in the packages list and click Export
    6. Enter a name and select a folder for the exported zip file
    7. Click Next
    8. Enter your license keycode for the product, then click Next
    9. Enter the Policy Manager Server address:
      • Enter as the Policy Manager Server address.
    10. Click Finish

    More detailed info about Linux Security 64 can be found in the Help Guide here.

  • garb
    garb W/ Member Posts: 7 Security Scout

    Thank you for answering.

    I already tried the steps you mention, but I am stuck when I enter my license keycode.
    Policy Manager Console tells that the licence number is wrong, but I checked several times on the WithSecure License certificate I got and I didn't do any input mistakes.

    That's why I though that maybe I was using a procedure made for another product than the one one covered by my license.
    My boss bought the license so I am not sure what was ordered exactly, I just got a license certificate for a product named "WithSecure Linux Security Command Line per user" version 11.10.

    So I am still confused about what I am not doing correctly.

  • Sethu Laks
    Sethu Laks W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Moderator Posts: 245 Moderator

    Hi @garb

    It's unlikely that you are still using the outdated 11.x key for the most recent 15.x version. To verify the installation and licensing information, please get in touch with our support team.



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