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Getting Started with Community: 7 - Earn Points and Badges

LiselotteP W/ Staff, W/ Community Manager Posts: 333 Community Manager
edited November 2023 in About our Community

We're here to let you in on a little secret - your participation in our community comes with some cool perks. You can earn points and badges that reflect your involvement.

Unlock Badges and Points

Whenever you engage in our community, you'll collect points. These points determine your ranking. Want to know how? Here's the scoop:

  • Reactions: React to posts and comments that you find interesting or helpful. Others' reactions to your posts also earn you points.
  • Answers: Help out fellow members by providing answers to their questions. If your answer is marked as accepted, you earn points.
  • Badges: Certain badges come with points. Achieving a badge means more points in your pocket. Check out all the badges you can earn right here: See Badges.

Check Your Profile

Your rank is displayed next to your username, and it reflects your activity level. To see your own contributions, click on your Avatar in the top right corner and then click on your username. Your achievements so far are right there.

View Others' Achievements

Interested in what other members have achieved? It's easy to admire their accomplishments. Just click on their username or mentions in a post to view their User Card, all without leaving your current page.

Starting Your Badge Collection

Starting your badge collection is as simple as uploading an avatar or leaving a helpful comment. You can begin on day one!