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Getting Started with Community: 4 - Bookmark a Discussion

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WithSecure Community members now have the ability to bookmark a discussion thread so that you will never lose site of responses to your questions!

Why Bookmark a Discussion?

The discussions forum is a collaborative space to post questions, read and reply to threads, and share thoughts about your experience with WithSecure solutions. 

Stay in the loop about responses to your asked questions or questions and topics of interest.

Who Can Bookmark a Discussion?

Any registered Community Members have the ability to bookmark a discussion. Visitors to the site can view discussions but cannot pose questions, interact or book mark discussions.

How Can I Bookmark a Discussion?

1.      Access Discussions through the WithSecure Community homepage navbar.

2.      Find the Discussion in the category you want to bookmark and select the Bookmark icon. 

3.      You have successfully bookmarked a discussion when the bookmark icon is shaded in.

📝NOTE: If a discussion is bookmarked, users will, by default, be notified in the following ways:

By Email

To whichever email is associated with your WithSecure Community account. Please check junk mail, as sometimes it gets sent there.

In Platform Notifications

1.      From the main navbar, select the Notifications icon.

📝NOTE: New notifications will have the Unread icon attached.

You can learn more about how to set and edit your WithSecure Community Notification Preference by visiting our Community article.

How Can I Use Bookmarks to be Notified of WithSecure Community Digest Updates?

1.      Connect with our Community Digest.

2.      Bookmark the WithSecure Community Digest discussion by selecting the Bookmark icon.

What if I Don’t Want Updates on a Discussion Anymore?

1.      Find the discussion you want to Unbookmark and select the Bookmark icon.

2.      Your bookmark icon will now be unbookmarked and you will no longer receive notifications for new activity on the discussion thread.

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