Cannot update F-Secure Linux Security

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When I try to update, I get the following error :


/usr/bin/dbupdate /opt/f-secure/

08:17:10 F-Secure Security Platform
08:17:10 F-Secure Virus Description Database Update
08:17:10 Copyright (c) F-Secure Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
08:17:10 Running /opt/f-secure/
Verifying archive integrity... 100% MD5 checksums are OK. All good.
Uncompressing F-Secure Database Update 100%Sorry, cannot determine final data directory location. Update failed.

You might want to set FSAUA_DATADIR environmental variable to point to
F-Secure Automatic Update Agent data directory.
E.g. FSAUA_DATADIR="/var/opt/f-secure/fsaua/data"
08:17:15 /opt/f-secure/ returned 1
dbupdate: /opt/f-secure/ failed! (1)

—————————————————————-I am using F-Secure Linux Security version 11.10 build 68, Hotfix version: 11.

The command is run as root.
I tried both relative and absolute path for dbupdate and
I tried to set FSAUA_DATADIR manually like recommended in the command output, with different destination paths.
I get the same message every time, I cannot think of anythink else to make it work.
What should I do ?



  • JamesC
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    Hi @garb

    Please be advised that Linux Security version 11 has reached end-of-life, and was supported until 31st of December 2020.

    It is highly recommended for you to migrate to WithSecure Linux Security 64 before as version 11 has reached end-of-life.

  • garb
    garb Posts: 7 New Member

    Thanks for answering.

    The license I have is for "WithSecure Linux Security Command Line per user", I am running Linux Security inside a terminal, without GUI.

    Is it possible with "WithSecure Linux Security 64" ?

  • garb
    garb Posts: 7 New Member

    Also, how is it possible to buy a license in 2023 for a product that is not supported since 2020 ?

  • Sethu Laks
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    edited July 31

    Hi @garb

    If you are currently using the support platform, we recommend utilizing the supported version of Linux Security64 with your existing valid license. In case you encounter any issues or require assistance, our dedicated Support team is available to provide further guidance.If you do not have a valid license and wish to purchase a new license for Linux Security64, there are two options available:

    1. Contact WithSecure Sales Team: You can get in touch with our Sales team by clicking here and submit your requirement. They will be able to assist you with purchasing a new license and answering any specific questions related to pricing or licensing terms.
    2. Locate Nearest Partner/Reseller: Alternatively, you may locate and reach out to your nearest partner/reseller by clicking here. They will be able to guide you through the process of acquiring a new license for Linux Security64.

    Should you have any additional inquiries or need further clarification, please feel free to let us know. We are here to help!

    Best regards,
    Community Moderator | Technical Support Engineer