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How to migrate an existing PM Proxy to a new PM Server

LLL W/ Partner Posts: 1 Security Scout


Does anyone know how to migrate an already existing PM Proxy Server to a new PM Server?
Our team is considering to migrate our PM Proxy to a new PM Server. Currently the PM Proxy is connected to our (old) PM Server, but we want to reroute it to a (new) PM Server that we are planning to build in the future.

I know that I will need to do these two things:
1. Changing the (old) PM Server CA with (new) PM Server CA
2. Changing the PM Server IP address with the new PM Server IP address

Would be very grateful if I could receive some directions and tips on what to be careful of, because we are dealing with around 100+ clients connected with the PM Proxy Server, and don't want to have to reinstall Client Security/Server Security in case of emerging problems.


Notes: We are using version 15 for both PM Proxy and PM Server


  • JamesC
    JamesC W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Moderator Posts: 521 Moderator

    Hi @LLL

    Change the "Policy Manager Server address" of those hosts to refer to the new Policy Manager Server address:

    1. In the old Policy Manager Server, please browse to:
    • Settings -> Centralized management -> Policy Manager Server host communications settings
    1. Change the Policy Manager Server address to the new Policy Manager Server.
    2. Distribute the policies to the hosts.

    However, if the old server is no longer available, the options are as follows.

    1) Uninstall the current installation and reinstall the product using a installation package exported from the new Policy Manager server and pointing to the correct Policy Manager Server address.

    2) You need a keyreplacer package, which can be provided by WithSecure Support. This tool when executed, allows the Policy Manager address to be changed.