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Software updater not working

ITSM W/ Member Posts: 16 Junior Protector
edited February 12 in Business Suite


I have a problem with the software updater in Policy Manager Console (15.30.96312), I have created a test domain in which I have put several computers to test the software updater, now the PCs have client security premium version 15.30. PCs didn't have software updater enabled at first, so I enabled it in the test domain an put the PCs there, one of the PCs started getting missing updates after the initial scan but can't install them, the other PC will not enable the software updater at all so I had to uninstall CS from the host and install it again and on the setup enable software updater, now this PC finishes the initial scan but don't show any missing updates to be installed but I know this system has missing updates. What can I do to install the missing updates?



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