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Getting Started with Community: 6 - Follow a Category

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How to Follow a Product Category in WithSecure Community

WithSecure Community now offers the feature to follow a category. By following a category, you'll receive notifications and updates on discussions within that specific category. Here's how you can do it:

Why Follow a Category?

Following a category allows you to keep track of discussions and updates related to specific solutions or products offered by WithSecure.

Who Can Follow a Category?

Any registered WithSecure Community member can follow a product category. If you're a visitor to the site, you can view discussions but won't have the ability to follow product categories or participate in discussions.

How to Follow a Product Category:

  • Browse through the available product categories and locate the one you want to follow.
  • Once you've found the desired product category, click on the Follow icon associated with that category.
  • You have successfully followed the product category when the icon changes to Following, with a shaded in bell.

📝NOTE: When you follow a product category, you will receive notifications about new discussions, updates, and activity within that category. Notifications may be sent via email to the address associated with your WithSecure Community account. Be sure to check your inbox, including your spam folder, for notifications. You can also receive notifications within the platform through the Notifications icon in the main navbar.

How to Manage Your Notification Preferences:

  • To customize your notification preferences, including frequency and method of notification, you can visit our Community article that explains how to set and edit your Notification Preferences.

How to Stop Following a Product Category:

If you no longer want to receive updates on a particular product category, you can easily unfollow it:

  1. Find the product category that you want to stop following.
  2. Click on the Following icon, and click Unfollow Category.