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My license for EPP for Computer Premium expired. How do I get a renewed license ?

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  • UM_Tulowice1992
    UM_Tulowice1992 WSAccount Posts: 8 Security Scout

    I want to install WithSecure EPP for Computer Premium, but I don't because not have teh actually subscription key. I have subscription key for version at 27.03.2022 r. It's probably was 23.1 or newer version of application.

  • JamesC
    JamesC WSAccount, WSEmployee, Moderator Posts: 475 Moderator

    Hi @UM_Tulowice1992

    Thank you for contacting WithSecure.

    If your subscription key expired on 27.03.2022 , we will send you the license certificate from support case # 051xxxx5 . Or alternatively, you may reach out to your reseller so they can provide you with the latest license.

  • UM_Tulowice1992
    UM_Tulowice1992 WSAccount Posts: 8 Security Scout

    Hi, I resolve the problem about the license. I upgrade mine computer to the newer Windows 11 Home 22H2 and WitSecure Endpoint program update all the modules. Case closed. Thanks.