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Problem with offline virus definition updates after upgrading policy manager from 15.30 to 16.01

Toma W/ Member Posts: 6 Security Scout

The update apparently cleaned the install-folder\f-secure\Management Server 5\bin folder and there is only one folder left named updatetools. With this I can get the updates but there is no import-f-secure-updates.bat anymore. I managed to retrieve the one that was there previously but it does not work either. It misses e.g. the jre folder etc. Even if you copy a jre to install-folder\f-secure\Management Server 5\jre it still fails.

The documentation on states that the import bat should be present.
Any ideas on how to proceed?

BR, Tom

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  • Toma
    Toma W/ Member Posts: 6 Security Scout

    Many thanks @Sethu Laks that did the trick 👍️
    Had some problems finding the documentation for the new version