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PM 10.0 Policy distribution

HelAg MyAccount Posts: 1 Security Scout


we are using PM-Console 10.00.36754 (on Windows Server 2003, upgraded from 9.0, about 200 clients) without any problems for some time .  Since some weeks we can't distribute policies via PM any longer, the corresponding Icon and also the menu-entry are simply "greyed out".  This stays the same on all tree-levels, also when i go down to single clients.

I can detect no error mesages/entrys in the logs and otherwise the PM is working as expected (providing updates for clients, importing new clients...).

The last succesful policy distribution is dated on 15.9.2011.

Perhaps this problem arose from the import of the 9.20 .jar-file, but i am not sure.

Any ideas?





  • MJ-perComp
    MJ-perComp W/ Alumni Posts: 669 Firewall Master



    everything is ok!

    PM10 does not distribute policies the way PM9 did. It will only offer distribution when a change happened and then the distribution process takes a milisecond or so.


    To check: open FSMA on a client and note the current policy counter

    find the same client in the policy tree

    change a setting (remember which) and see that "dsitribute policy is NOT greyed out.

    distribute policy, and wait for the client to automatically fetch the new policy.

    (You could force it to fetch the policy but you might want to check that everything works automatically)

    after about 10 Mins (default communication interval) the policy counter should increase by "1".



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