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New PSB portal Feedback form related Q/A

PetriKuikka WSAccount Posts: 236 Threat Terminator

Hi all,


we will be sharing in this thread answers to common questions coming directly to PSB R&D through the new PSB portal Feedback form.


Petri & rest of the fellows making it happen


  • PetriKuikka
    PetriKuikka WSAccount Posts: 236 Threat Terminator

    Q: I cannot find from new portal the listing of the partner (higher level) administrative users meaning the people who have access to all partner level data.


    A:This listing can be found when logged in as partner level user from the Account page. You need to select the "partner scope" and then expand the Solution provider (or Service partner) row. The table immediately below it is listing the users on this level.


  • jus-51
    jus-51 Alumni Posts: 8 Former WithSecure Employee

    Some devices that are shown in old portal are not visible in the new portal!

    We have a couple of computers in the old portal that are attached to subscription attached to our Partner account (not to any company) in PSB. We cannot see these anymore in the new portal. Did something fo wrong in the migration or what is going on?

    A: Nothing wrong in the migration. It is actually only the profiles that need to be migrated, everything else comes from the same backend and no changes happen with the data when you start using the new PSB portal. The issue here is the new PSB portal not showing anything that is not attached to to a company. We are actively moving to an account model where every subscription has to be under a company (end customers are companies so this just makes sense and simplifies things!).
    What you can do is you can add a company account under your parner accout.

    Let's say the Partner account name is: "FS-Partner" you could e.g. create a company account named "FS-Partner_Comp" or something like that.

    Great! How to do it?


    1) go to old portal and copy the subscription keys e.g. to a text file that are affected and that you want under the same company in PSB
    2) go to the new portal login page and click "create your company account"
    3) enter one of the subscription keys and other details
    Done! Wait, if you had more than one subscription, a few more steps to go:
    4) then login to new portal, select the company in scope selector (upper lefthand corner, just right from main menu bar)

    5) go to subscriptions section (it is item in the main menu bar on the left)
    6) click "action button" (next to "Subscriptions" header text on the right hand side of it) and from the menu that opens click "add subscription key" and add the next subscription, repeat this step until all subscriptions you wanted to add to this company are added to this company

  • jus-51
    jus-51 Alumni Posts: 8 Former WithSecure Employee

    List devices over companies?
    Q: Will it be possible to view all computers over multiple companies in the future?
    A: yes! this is coming, ETA is during May

    Operations from search results?
    Q: what about search results and operations (such as assign profile, scan for malware)? ATM I can already list devices over companies in search results but cannot do any operations to them! What are your plans?
    A: operations from search results is available since early April. Hope you like it and thanks for the feedback!

  • jus-51
    jus-51 Alumni Posts: 8 Former WithSecure Employee

    PSB Workstation and Microsoft Direct Access

    We are deploying Microsofts Direct Access to enviroment where workstations use cloud managed F-Secure PSB Workstation Security. The problem atm is that PSB seems to disable Widows Firewall, which is mandatory for DA. In my testing if I disable F-Secure firewall, Windows firewall stays enabled trough reboot. If I enable F-Secure firewall, Windows Firewall is disabled after reboot. Any ways to keep both enabled? I cannot find any settings in management related to this.


    A: we brought this feature "enable/disable Windows firewall" to the new PSB portal profile editor in mid-April. Thanks for the feedback!

  • PetriKuikka
    PetriKuikka WSAccount Posts: 236 Threat Terminator

    Q: My profile migration failed with error "Computer profiles migration failed". What should I do?


    A: Just keep on using the old profile editor for a while longer. Our R&D team gets nightly notifications about all the migration failures and we try to process them quickly. Once we know the reason, why your migration failed, we will contact you with further instructions on how to get the migration to succeed.


    Currently there is a common problem, where some profiles have duplicate rows in the firewall rules table. Unfortunately this problem is such nature, that you cannot fix it with the old profile editor. Only way to fix this problem is to delete the whole profile. We have already prepared a fix in next PSB release for this problem and it should be available on all PSB portals by the 5th of April.



  • jus-51
    jus-51 Alumni Posts: 8 Former WithSecure Employee

    Software Updater and home page overview.

    Q: Software Updater statuses still make the computer statuses pie red. I think Software Updater statuses should be separated from it and have its own status pie.
    A: We agree and this is come out in mid April. Thanks for the feedback!

    Layout and amount of white space:

    Q: Looks good and all but could you consider a little less white space to reduce scrolling and make usage more efficient?
    A: come out mid April. Hope you like it better now. Please also give further feedback, thanks!

  • PetriKuikka
    PetriKuikka WSAccount Posts: 236 Threat Terminator

    Q: I can't find the option for creating groups?

    A: Group functionality has been renamed to "Label" in the new portal. You can assign these by first selecting a computer(s) from Devices listing page and then selecting the "Assign label" operation from the action bar that opens to bottom of the screen.


    Q: How can I assign operations to computers? The device details page onlys shows the active operation but I cannot start new ones.

    A:  You can operations by first selecting a computer(s) from Devices listing page and then selecting the correct operation from the action bar that opens to bottom of the screen.

    Note! New portal does not and will never support the following operations from old portal: Enable firewall, Enable real-time scanning, enable application control and Set internet security level to office. Instead you should enable and lock them from profile used by the computer.



  • PetriKuikka
    PetriKuikka WSAccount Posts: 236 Threat Terminator

    Q: In the old system there was an overview about subscriptions that would expire. Where can I find that ?


    A: Currently there is already a filter in the subscriptions page to show just subscriptions that will soon expire. In the next 1-2 release we will also bring back to the home page the warning about expiring subscriptions like it was in the old portal.


    Updated picture from latest development version:


  • PetriKuikka
    PetriKuikka WSAccount Posts: 236 Threat Terminator

    Q: How can I delete a company that I don't manage anymore?


    A: Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. We are planning to automate the deletion of the companies with the same pace as the deletion of expired subscriptions happens. But at the moment I cannot give schedule when this will happen.


  • PetriKuikka
    PetriKuikka WSAccount Posts: 236 Threat Terminator

    Q: It would be nice to have a filter option under devices. Filtering in my opinion should be possible on Profile and IP address at least.


    A: We have already started implementing this "filter" feature.  We will be adding "excel" style filtering to device listing, where you can select from a column any value to be used as the filter and you can filter up to 3 different columns.


    With the current estimates first versions of this feature will be available during the May for all customers. Initial release won't support all columns, but goal is to add them there later.

  • PetriKuikka
    PetriKuikka WSAccount Posts: 236 Threat Terminator

    Q: I successfully ordered a new company from Partner Portal, but I cannot find it in the new PSB portal without logging out?


    A: Currently we do not automatically refresh the company listing in "scope selector" when external changes happen like orders from partner portal. You can see the company immediately, if you just manually reload the page using the "F5" or browsers "reload" function. Similarly in some cases you need to reload the page for newly ordered subscriptions to see them immediately.


    In case the company doesn't appear after the reload in the company tree, it means that there is some configuration wrong with you solution provider account. In this case it is better to rise a proper support ticket to make sure that the configuration gets fixed.


    Note! If you order PSB Standard licenses, these will never show up under your solution provider account.

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