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Application Control management in PSB

CreativePC W/ Alumni Posts: 12 Security Scout


Is it possible to manage a list of accepted or blocked applications in PSB? The only option I see is to allow ,deny or user decision? What am I missing here?


  • NickJ
    NickJ W/ Alumni Posts: 29 Junior Protector

    If you enable the option 'Do not prompt for applications that DeepGuard has identified' then you can partially manage this with the DeepGuard table on the Real-Time Scanning tab.


    For example, if you want an application to always be accepted by application control, you can add it to the DeepGuard table and allow it. This means that the application will always run, and its network connections will always be allowed.


    If you want to allow an application to run, but block any network connections, then I don't know how that can be achieved.


  • CreativePC
    CreativePC W/ Alumni Posts: 12 Security Scout

    Yes, but then I have to know the Sha-1 and if the exe gets updated I have do it all over again. Not nice

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