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Silent uninstall F-Secure PSP Workstations Security 10.50+

Banders W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

We need for different reasons uninstall PSP Workstations Security v10.50+ on a significant number of workstations where manual uninstall simply is too overburderning due to the sheer number of clients.


I can however not see that the the F-secure uninstall application has any silent options, and I also read on the forum from 2014 that silent uninstall has been removed due to the security risks from malicious programs.


Is that still the case? How are we then from an administrative perspective supposed to do uninstalls silently, as doing it manually at each client is not practical?


  • Nizzon
    Nizzon W/ Alumni Posts: 10 Security Scout

    I think its horrible support by F-secuer when it comes to handeling PSB silently, it is never mentioned in any documentation. Its like they have no clue on how admins install and uninstall packages. Time to wake up F-secure!!!


    (The silent-switch doesnt even seem to work wit hthe latest package, it times out waiting for something to finish. Do they even test these things before release?)

  • Nizzon
    Nizzon W/ Alumni Posts: 10 Security Scout

    Is this documented anywhere?

  • RobertoSilvaChu
    RobertoSilvaChu W/ Alumni Posts: 33 Junior Protector



    Dont have any documentation, but I know the Uninstalltool remove ANY F-Secure product (even Policy Manager) and after some tests the sytax work to remove Client Security/Server Security, so have a great probability to work with PSB!


    Just test in one machine, if it works will work in all network Smiley Happy


    Best Regards,


    Roberto Chu

  • Banders
    Banders W/ Alumni Posts: 2 Security Scout

    Just tested, and it seemes to do the trick flawlessy.

    Only remaining concern is that it would be good to have the documentation before it is implemented in large scale to see it is supported if whatever issues would arise, but as far as testing goes it seems to work fine so far.

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