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Moral problem with PSB trial account (impossible to delete).

etomcat Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master

Dear F-Secure,


I need to raise a moral objection, concerning the following problem:


I someone registers a PSB trial (30 day) he / she is given an account on the webportal, with username, initial login password and licence keycodes.


There is however, absolutely no way to delete the account, in case he / she grows to dislike the product (service), wants to discontinue the trial and walk away. Thereby, F-Secure refuses to delete his/her data.


Please solve this issue and add a self-service "delete trial account" button in the portal, because I feel the above issue could be problematic with regulatory authorities.


Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.


  • etomcat
    etomcat Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master

    Dear Sirs,


    We have a further moral objection, regarding the working of FSAV PSB service.


    When registering a PSB trial, the end user needs to fill in the webform, but there is no field where the identity of the recommending local partner could be selected. This is a real-world problem!


    We had two recent cases, where a diligent local partner of ours convinced end users to register for 30-day PSB trials and actually nagged them to start the testing. Very soon, the end users were approached by a competing F-Secure partner, who offered them a special deal. The local partner was understandably upset that his work went to ruins and got angry at F-Secure Corp., who dumped the contact data lead to a competitor.


    To prevent such breaches of trust, it is necessary that the FSAV PSB trial registration webform include an extra field, where the end user could select a local partner from the drop-down menu as the recommending entity (so that F-Secure will not disclose that lead to a competing partner).


    Thanks for your kind attention, Yours Sincerely:

    Tamas Feher, 2F 2000 Kft., Hungary.

  • andrzej
    andrzej Alumni Posts: 48 Junior Protector
    Unfortunately I can't assist you with any answer to your question; however I want to hijack this thread and raise another imperfection of the PSB setup.

    In the past I declined an opportunity to test PSB due to lack of any serious central management and possibility to control used licenses.

    Lack of documentation is also appalling. Official F-Secure product page does not list any guides.

  • etomcat
    etomcat Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master



    > Official F-Secure product page does not list any guides


    The webpage you listed has downloadable Admin Guide, Quick Guide and Migration Guide, in several languages, in .PDF document format. Expand the plus sign next to the Documentation bullet at the bottom to see them.


    Best regards: Tamas Feher.



  • andrzej
    andrzej Alumni Posts: 48 Junior Protector

    Thanks, you can believe me or not by when I was writing my previous reply when I expanded Documentation section I saw only header of Release Documents and no additional links and descriptions.

    I have tried Chrome50 and IE11


  • Ben
    Ben Alumni Posts: 664 Cybercrime Crusader



    @etomcat I brought your feedback to the product management team attention. 


    @andrzej thank you for the feedback and sorry for the glitch. Let us know if it happens again so we can investigate.

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