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What's the differences between PSB and Client Security and why choose one or the other?

aimutch W/ Member Posts: 28 Junior Protector

We are currently running AV for Workstations 11.61 and Server Security 11.01 managed by a server running the F-Secure Policy Manager. With Workstation 11.61 facing the end of the support, we're looking to see what's the appropriate migration path for us.


It appears that either using "Client Security 12" or "Protection Service for Business" with the associated client software would be options for us. Is the primary difference the management setup whether we would continue to have a local server running Policy Manager using "Client Security 12" or migrating to the PSB web portal? Is there an additional fee associated with the PSB service? For those who have evaluated the two products, which would you recommend?




  • NickJ
    NickJ W/ Alumni Posts: 29 Junior Protector

    We used to use Client Security and have moved to PSB Advanced.


    There are a few features of Client Security that aren't available in PSB right now (USB controls is one example) but my understanding is that over time the feature sets will be aligned.


    As you say, the main difference is the management - there is no on-premise manager for PSB. For us, this is perfect and it gives much better control/management of clients that aren't always on the LAN or VPN such as travelling sales teams. The core product is the same - you get exactly the same level of anti-malware protection from both products, they use the same engine under the hood.


    Since we started to use PSB approximately 18 months ago, the pace of development has been impressive - we have seen three major releases of the client software, all bringing new features. There has also been a complete redesign of the web management portal. F-Secure seem to be putting a lot of resource into getting PSB right and as far as I see it, the cloud managed model is the way forward.


    If you speak to your local reseller, I'm sure they will be happy to show you the portal and get you a trial account setup so you can have a play with it.


  • etomcat
    etomcat W/ Alumni Posts: 1,172 Firewall Master



    One thing to note: the FSAV PSB protection is currently not suited to high-security environments, because the administrative webportal account in the Cloud is only secured with a password-based login and your email address is the user name. Multi-factor authentication (SMS, hardware token, scratch card, etc.) is currently not possible. I consider this a risk for some customers who are currently using centralized control based on an isolated Policy Manager Server.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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