Can't run Zimbra Desktop without unloading PSB software



We have problems using Zimbra Desktop 7.2.7 GA Release, Java SE8 Update 102 runtime with F-secure Protection service for Business.


F-secure Scanner  Manager 32bit - fssm32.exe use a lot of CPU and can't run Zimbra Desktop, rpocess stuck


I tried:

1. Removed all java versions, installed latest.

2. Exlcude zimbra, java progamm folders.

3. Removed email scannig

4. Removed deep guard.


But problem still exist -  We can start Zimbra desktop ONLY by temporary unloading F-secure PSB.

After starting application we reload F-secure PSB and all works fine.


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    Hello EIRO,


    Please, contact support. We need more information in order to effectively investigate your issue.


    Best regards,


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