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Management API for Protection Service for Business

Ben W/ Alumni Posts: 664 Cybercrime Crusader

Protection Service for Business can be fully integrated with a SIEM, RMM, or any 3rd party solution via a Management API. The API is an integration interface that allows complete integration of the PSB management platform and clients with a third-party management system. All operations (except product ordering) that are available through the Management Portal are also available through the Management API.


The API integration allows you to create additional automation, customized workflows and reports, among other things, further reducing the workload and optimizing the management experience and benefits for your organization’s specific needs.


This board contains articles and troubleshooting discussion for the management API. Feel free to contribute and share your insights and questions!


If you have functionality or support requests, we offer customization projects and additional support consultancy. Please contact your F-Secure sales contact for further information.


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