Can't install F-Secure PSB again after remove, pls help

I have one issue about installation F-Secure PSB, pls help me to check it, the content is:
- Product: PSB adv workstation security
- I have installed PSB successful on my device, then i uninstall it and install again, but during the installation process, when i input the key again F-Secure has display the message box like image, pls help me to check it. I have uninstalled by F-secure uninstall tool and do it again but it’s not working.

Thank you !




  • NickJ
    NickJ Posts: 29 Explorer

    Did you also delete the machine from the portal? If so, you will need to clear the list of blocked computers in the portal by going to Subscriptions and then clicking on the '...' next to the Workstations subscription, so you can click 'Clear list of blocked computers'


    This is one of the more obscure "features" of PSB...



  • Arsjupiter
    Arsjupiter Posts: 46 Explorer

    Thank you for your  quick reply, i will check it as you have mentioned Smiley Very Happy



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