"Update subscription details" does not work



As I tried to move subscription from some company to another company via management API, there was 404 error.

What I do is:

 - URI: https://jp3.psb.fsapi.com/mp/v1/partners/<my SOP partner ID>/subscriptions/<target subscription ID>

 - method: PUT

 - JSON data: { "companyId": <company ID of another company> }


Thre result is:

 - Response code: 404 Not Found

 - Body: { "error": "resourceNotFound" }


Does "Update subscription details" work? or Do I have mis-understanding?


  • PetriKuikka
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    moving subscription from company to another company is not supported by this operation. I checked the documentation and this exception is not said there unfortunately.


    This operation allows only moving subscriptions from a solution provider account or service partner account to a company.



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