Unattended Install of PSBESS 12.10



I'm installing PSBESS 12.10.280(to be exact) from our Pre-Installation script.


The problem seems to be that the installation actually never returns when I call from powershell: "Start-Process ....psbess1210.exe -Wait"


Older versions worked fine and returned after the installation.


I can fix this by stopping all F-Secure services and then killing FSLAUNCH.exe.


Installation continues fine after that.


Is this a bug or is there some new parameter that I missed?


EDIT: Tested this a bit and found out that killing process FSM32.EXE (Settings and Statistics) actually returns the installation Setup.exe and my installation script continues.



Olli - Receptum Oy


  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 237 Forum Super Master

    Hi Olli,


    Just to understand better, is it considered working as expected if you stop the process FSM32.EXE? Was it the same behaviour with the before version?


    Or would you still like this to be checked with the product team so I can check further?

  • Rec_OlliE
    Rec_OlliE Posts: 14 New Member

    Hey Laksh, thanks for replying.


    In the previous version the installation returned without doing anything special.

    With this new version it does for some reason hang the execution process id or something that "-Wait" parameters waits to return (some exit code I guess)


    And to actually answer your question: Yes, if I stop the FSM32.EXE it returns something back to powershell and the installation continues.



  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 237 Forum Super Master

    Hi Olli,


    Thanks for the quick response. If you are having any further issues with this, keep us updated in this thread and I will check that for you.

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