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Infection History extended to 6 months

antti-fsecure W/ Alumni Posts: 8 W/ Former Staff



Seeing a long timeline is essential, when you need to understand past events and correlate them with the current system state - for example when studying a security incident. You need to know what happened, when, and where. Being able to track trends over longer periods of time is also especially valuable in identifying patters for further analysis.


We have now increased the malware alert retention of data from 28 days up-to 6 months. Data collection for this feature started already in mid December, so you can already now see over 3 months of data in the report.


You can also take CSV exports from any selected time frame of the infections up to 6 months. And there are no limits on how much data you can exports like in the old implementation.


More detail of the latest release is available in PSB Portal Changelog


Best Regards,

- Antti Tevanlinna, Senior Product Owner, F-Secure PSB

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