How does the Content Filter work ?



I am just playing around with the content filter and e.g. activated the content blocking for PDF

(application/*pdf as well as the line with extension *.PDF).

Made sure that the profile has been updated.

But still I can download/open such files and content ?!


How does that work ?


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    Content filtering works by blocking downloads of those types, in conjunction with a Security Cloud lookup of the domain.


    If the Security Cloud says that the domain/URL is safe, the download is not blocked


    If the Security Cloud says that the domain/URL is unsafe, access is blocked, regardless of the selected file types.


    If there is no rating yet in Security Cloud, then the download is filtered accoring to the Content Type Filtering table.


    I hope this explains the functionality.


    We will look at improving the documentation to make it clearer.


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     Got a hint from a polite user so I re-read my reply and have edited it.


    Help on Trusted Websites reads:

    List of sites that are considered trusted and safe to visit without needing to consult the Security Cloud.


    Is it only visiting or does it also cover downloading files from the specified site ?

    If the latter one might be applicable what is the interdependency of Content Filter and Trusted Websites ?


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    Upps...thanks for your explanation
    and promise ;-)
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