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FfB switches permanently OFF/ON

PatchPanel1 W/ Alumni Posts: 17 Security Scout

FfB switches permanently OFF/ON and is meanwhile no longer reliable (location Falkenstein). Internet connection is stable.

Are there any known problems with the service or version 1.15.3629.0 ?

Is anyone else facing similar problems ?





best regards





  • PatchPanel1
    PatchPanel1 W/ Alumni Posts: 17 Security Scout

    I am still struggling with this topic... :-/


    The Auto-selection of the security level works only fine when connected via LAN. It is permanently switching between Office and Mobile when connected via WLAN (same network).


    I have read the respective chapter in the PM manual and the FAQ.

    Configured two levels "10" for Office and "20" for Mobile.

    Office is (meanwhile) determined by Gateway and MyNetwork - Mobile is set to always.

    I do not see the difference between the wired/non-wired connection - ipconfig shows the same result. Something seems to be different... I do not have a clue what might be wrong in configuration...

    anyone ?


    What is the best practice / any hints in auto-selection of the security levels ?



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