"You cannot use the subscription key that you entered for this computer anymore", but the key is cor

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I have a problem. 


I am using the product F-Secure PSB Workstation Security.


I shall now describe the order of events that lead to this problem. (May differ for other people who are experiencing the same problem)

  • Installed F-Secure with subscription key
  • Got warning about an insufficient amount of free licenses (This was true, at the time I had fully taken up all the free licenses associated with that key)
  • I made sure I had more licenses available for the key
  • Tried again to activate the product
  • Got error "You cannot use the subscription key that you entered for this computer anymore"

I tried re-installing F-Secure many times, but no luck, I always get the same error. 

It seems F-Secure is somehow configured to recognize this particular device with this partiuclar key as incompatible. There has to be a way out of this! 


 fsecure-error-en.PNGThe way the error is displayed

The problem has to do something with the order of events mentioned above. Normally when I install F-Secure on a workspace machine, all works flawlessly. 


I have available licenses and my company is the legitimate owner of the key. How can I make F-Secure work again?


I would appreciate any help!

It is kind of urgent - I cannot give the computer to the employee, if the product is not activated!


Thank you in advance,




  • dan7
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    Dear Vad,

    thank you very much! This solved my problem.
    I hope it will help everyone experiencing this problem.

    All the best,
  • dan7
    dan7 Posts: 3 New Member

    Hello Vad, 


    I have a question, do you know which parameters does F-Secure save internally in order to recognize that it was indeed the same computer? This is a question just out of curiosity that arose as I was trying to fix the problem.


    Thank you again for your support,


  • Vad
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    Hello Daniel,


    Parameters are exactly the ones which i mentioned before: computer ID and subscription. Nothing else, as far as i remember.


    Best regards,


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