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GPO - Deployement of fspsbwks-12.01.283_PSB1-v5




I only found old topics on how to deploy Fsecure workstation security Protection Service for Business.

I'm looking for a simple way to install it silently on all computers.


Well, I have the ritool but I'd prefer to deploy fsecure on computer when they join to the domain.

So I want to use a script with AD and GPO. I already install some software by this way.


so i tried with a batch like :

fspsbwks-12.01.283_PSB1-v5.exe /SILENT /VARSSmiley Very HappyISABLE_REBOOT=true /LANG:FRA /K:xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

I tried without /VARS and some other try.

Would you help me ?

Thank you.


  • Vad
    Vad W/ Alumni Posts: 1,069 Cybercrime Crusader

    Hello davi2d,


    Sorry, I don't understand from your post, what exactly went wrong in your scenario. Please, clarify.


    Best regards,


  • Unknown



    Well I'm using Active Directory on Windows Server 2016.

    There is the mmc Group Policy Object.

    You can configure computers of the domain to execute a script when they start, or shutdown.


    So i'm looking for a script (a batch .bat) that install fsecure silently.

    So I tried to setup a command like above. But it doesn't work. Fsecure doesn't install at all

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