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i'm new in this forum.

i work for a italy company that sell computer and offer support to company about computer and network.

we have stare some mounth ago to sell our PSB advanced and actually we have 109 computers and 40 company under our control.

i have PSB on my computer too.

I like a lot have all under control.. So i think that i'm not alone. maybe some my client want it too.

this happend with the software update.. PSB tell me that there are some security update to do, but i can' t see what.. 

ok, some client can be damage, so i have think this solution...

i think that should be better can manage update on client TOO.

For example:

If you create a task that can be show or hiden from psb control pannel, the tecnich can see in real time what update are missing with out login to control pannel...

The task can work simply a list of missing update and have the link to the download page, and/or work as download manager and download updates directly.

For the client that i know that they can do something wrong i' ll hide the task. all safe.

i can se the "update service" for all client and show the task only when i have my tecnich there or make a remote (pay) service... 

i think that should work better for all.


tell me what you think about my idea.


thank you for read, thanks you for understand, thanks you for reply.













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