Portal showing Critical security updates missing when there are none

My PSB portal is mostly red today and most devices seem to miss critical updates. However when clicking open the device details there are no critical updates to install. What causes this?


  • MonikaL
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    Hi MarttiNuudi,

    One of the reason could be that these computers have not yet received this information or have not yet been restarted.

    The status in the portal cannot be updated manually. This is specified by the system and is updated automatically, it depends on various factors that are played in the background. The critical security updates are displayed until the clients have fetched the changed profile.

  • MarttiNuudi
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    This screenshot shows the situation. At the first line there is a statement that critical security updates are missing and then 3 lines down it says 3 Non-security updates available.

    This shows pretty clearly that the portal actually has the right information but still displays the conflicting information.

    The computer is restarted, rescanned and status updated.

  • macrub
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    Same problem in my managment portal (for about 4 days).

    Hosts restarted several times, rescanded and status updated.

    Additionally Firefox 84.0 update does not update lower versions but installs itself as a separate program.

    Java 8.0.2610.12 updated locally but in portal with error status etc.



  • JamesC
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    Hi macrub and Martti

    This was brought to our attention a few days ago.

    Developers have identified this issue and is already fixed this in PSB Computer Protection 20.6.

    If you want upgrade to PSB Computer Protection 20.6 right away, you can enable the "pilot" feature. If this feature is enabled, devices assigned to the profile will be able to test the new features including the fix before they are published for general availability. 

    Early access computers receive software updates several days before everyone else.

    Guide to enable the pilot feature:

    1. Logon to PSB portal and edit the profile.

    2. Under General settings, enable the 'Early access to client software'.

    3. Click Save and publish.

    So once you have the PSB Computer Protection 20.6 upgraded and reboot, the missing updates statuses will change from "installation completed (pending reboot)" to "installation completed".

    Do try that and let me know how it goes.

  • macrub
    macrub Posts: 3 New Member

    thank you very much for your prompt reply! i will come back to you asap

  • macrub
    macrub Posts: 3 New Member

    looks like problem persist - locally all updates intalled succesfully but in managment portal status is " Installation requested" , "Could not install update" etc. - psb version 20.6

  • JamesC
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    Hi macrub

    Thanks for feedback on 20.6

    Let me check with our product team, and I shall get back to you.

  • JamesC
    JamesC Posts: 458 Moderator

    Hi all,

    We suggest to wait for a couple of weeks. Right now we're releasing a version which has all the needed fixes related to this.

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