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How to install and configure F-secure PSB, Partner Managed Remote Desktop Protection

Rale1 W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout

Hello all,

please I need some assistance with PSB Remote Desktop Protection installation and configuration.

After installing PSB Server Security, I didn't found where it can be accesed and configured Remote Desktop Protection.



  • JamesC
    JamesC W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Moderator Posts: 524 Moderator

    Hi Rale1

    We do not have such product "Remote Desktop Protection"

    Can you please clarify further ?

    Are you trying to access the PSB Portal ? Or are you trying to deploy PSB Server Protection ?

  • MikaArasola
    MikaArasola W/ Partner, W/ Staff, W/ Product Leadership Posts: 72 W/ Staff

    Actually "Remote Desktop Protection" is the new SKU for multi-user environments, replacing these parts of ESS in terms of licensing.

    You can install the Server Protection client with the license key you received. The default Server Protection settings should cover most use cases - but if you have a lot of simultaneous users you might want to consider turning off the local UI to save resources (profiles -> edit your profile (or clone the default into your own profile) -> "General settings" -> "Show user interface to clients").

    For more information on configuration, please provide details about the use case.

  • Rale1
    Rale1 W/ Alumni Posts: 3 Security Scout

    Hello Mika,

    at F-secure Partner Portal Imade some orders and I found on the list PSB, Partner Managed Remote Desktop Protection. I made trial licence to see what is about this product. I have installed Server Protection but I didn't find any extra feature or some more extra settings than ordinary Server Protection, and that's why I have reised question.

    I have some clients wich are using remote desktop, and I am looking for a solution how to secure Remote Desktop service with some 3rd party aplication.

    Securing communication trought VPN is not so friendly solution due to much lower speed and response on command.

    Thanks for your answer and regards


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