PSB Software Updater issue

I have some hosts still running on OS Win7 and there is PSB Software updater asks every morning to reboot the machine. I checked the F-Secure Software Updates and the Google Chrome has the status "Installation completed (pending reboot)". The host has been rebooted several times, Google chrome has the latest version but the message for reboot does not disappear. Also it shows an older version. Any idea, what could the problem?

The second problem is that some security updates updates failes to install on Win7 KB4579977 ... Tried this manually as well, also failed. Had some the same case?


  • DiAmi
    DiAmi Posts: 31 Enthusiast


    So far the issue is not solved yet...

  • MonikaL
    MonikaL Posts: 206 Former WithSecure Employee

    Hi DiAmi,

    Certain updates could trigger frequent reboot, including Mozilla Firefox and some windows updates. We’re still working on resolving the issue with windows updates.

    We would require the diagnostic information from the affected client machine to check the scenario. Please provide this information to support, and we will investigate further.

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