Add a new subscription

We want to set up a service partner under our company.

when we set up the customer we don’t understand how to add him a subscription? and how to add him new devices?

In addition I attach you a screen shot from the partner.


  • JamesC
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    HI Shahar

    Check that the subscription key code you ordered is correct for the account you have. 

    If you have a Company Managed subscription and the PSB account is placed under a reseller partners Solution Provider account (SOP), you cannot add the code there. For that you need to have a Partner Managed subscription.

    A code cannot be used on a PSB trial account either, a new account needs to be created or the trial account needs to be converted to a normal commercial account.

    A reseller partner can directly contact F-secure Order Services to help you with this. 

  • Shahar19
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    We are MSP. there are some customers below us.

    How can we assign to new customer subscription of trial ?

    Our goal is to try establish customer from beginning to the end.

  • JamesC
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    Hi Shahar

    Please open a support case with us, as we need to check with our licensing team.

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