Constant restart message from Software Updater


some users report constant restart messages from F-Secure. I have this problem on PSB and F-Secure Client Security Premium with local Policy Managers.

Some of the users report that a restart (and more restarts!) didn't solve the problem. They get the message every day.

Attached you can see a screenshot from my Policy Managers options for the Software Updater.

Is there anything i can change so that the users are not annoyed?


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    May I know what is your desired output or expectation? And I will try to guide you to amend the settings to your preference.

    But to brief you a little on Software Updater behavior;

    If you set Restart after installation as "Ask user", the end-user can postpone the reboot requests indefinitely in short intervals. The Force restart in setting will not be applied at all when Ask user is selected. There will be no deadline when the computer is forced to restart. 

    If you set Restart after installation as "Force restart", the administrator can select the maximum allowed time for how long the end-user can postpone the forced restart with the Force restart in setting. When the time limit has been reached, the computer will be forcefully restarted. The end-user can postpone the restart in 30 minute intervals. 

    Hope this helps.

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    why i can't comment to this? Every time i get "your comment need to approved".

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    Hello MonikaL,

    thanks for this answer. But this is not the problem.

    70% of the user have the following situation:

    The restart popup comes once a week. They klick on restart and everything is fine.

    30% of the user have this situation:

    the popup for restart comes every day. If the klick on restart, the computer make a restart and the popup comes directly again. They make a restart and it comes directly again. They are frustrated about this.

    I use F-Secure in PSB and local with Policy Manager in around 10 diffrent Companys. I see this behaviour in most of this companies as described.

    Is there anything i can do with the 30% of users who frustrated of the restart popup? I think there is a bug in the Software Updater or maybee the update of an software is not working and we have this endless loop.

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    We would require the diagnostic information from one of the affected client machine to check the scenario. Please provide this information to support, and we will investigate further.

    Please open a support case here:

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