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F-Secure PSB new features

abulat W/ Alumni Posts: 1 Security Scout

Hi all,

It's possible to introduce new features for PSB which is indicated bellow:

-Possibilities to view in portal, how many percent is done of scanning for malware/updates for each station ?

-Possibilities to uninstall client from any endpoint remotely direct from portal ?

-Creating more option for Scheduling like Every day/hours etc...

-Possibilities to select all Security events PILOT and to make acknowledge/delete etc.. If I have more than 4000 logs I need manually to select one by one

-Possibilities to install automatic update for application which is need downloaded manually from website. PSB can't to do all update and if remain some app, technical engineer must go on site to install manual update.

-When download MSI packet must to be integrated automatic license which is selected from portal.

-Possibilities to integrate PSB with Active Directory to perform scanning of devices. To be possible installation direct from portal. For example to install on Windows Server some agent to collect all information about Active Directory.

-Diagnostic file should be transferred from endpoint to the portal and to be possible to download if technical engineer should perform diagnostics.

-Possibilities to detect all installed program on endpoint and to be possible to restrict any app selected. In PSB we can block in application control but discovering off app it's not available. This option should be when accessing endpoint from portal and to see all information and to make decision what to block and what to allow.

-Creating app on IOS and Android to control portal.

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