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PSB portal shows old data on some clients, how to force update the data?

JAhoniemi W/ Alumni Posts: 12 Security Scout
edited January 2022 in Elements Endpoint Protection

Some Server Protection Premium clients are shown as "critical" because portal shows that client has "very old" malware definitions. When I check the server, everything is up to date and fine. But that data is not refreshed in PSB portal.

In PSB portal some computer protection clients are shown to have version 20.1 but in reality version is 20.4. And typically these are in "critical" category because the correct malware definition version info is old. So there is some old data. Who can I force Portal to update its data? "Send full status update" does not work in this case.


  • MonikaL
    MonikaL W/ Alumni Posts: 206 W/ Former Staff


    To fix the issue, you can either restart the F-Secure services or restart the computer, which will be the same as restarting the services.

    How to restart the F-Secure Services:

    Open a Command Prompt as an administrator 

    Run the following commands:

    net stop fshoster

    net stop fsulhoster

    To restart the service, run the following commands:

    net start fshoster

    net start fsulhoster

    Once you have restarted the services, right-click the F-Secure icon and go to Check for Updates. 

    Regarding the wrong version details, after sending full status update for the host, please wait for few hours and check again. If PSB portal is still showing old software version, please uninstall and clean install the product. There might be old PSB CP traces which was not removed during software upgrade.

    1. Uninstall PSB CP via Windows control panel -> Uninstall a program.

    2. Open Registry Editor (Regedit), go to following registry hives, delete F-Secure and Data Fellows folders.



    3. Please also remove F-Secure folder from following Windows directories.



    4. Delete Windows temporary files in %TEMP% and TEMP folder.

    5. Remove the host under Devices on PSB portal.

    6. Go to Subscriptions, click '...' icon and click Clear list of removed computers.

    7. Reinstall PSB CP on the host.

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