Where can I see collected Bitlocker keys in PSB ?

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Hello, I can enable key collect in profiles but cannot find where to consult it.


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    For current PSB release, you can find the Bitlocker recovery key under Devices page on each device separately.

    You need to click on the respective device. Under the device status, scroll to the bottom and look into Security Parameters > Bitlocker recovery key.

    In case you did enable the functionality Collect bitlockers recovery keys and published the profile to end hosts, yet the information is not visible on the device status page, please trigger the device to Send full status update to force the devices to report back the BitLocker keys to the PSB Portal.

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    Hi, I reuploaded the image again. Are you able to see now ?


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    Thanks a lot, got it !

    BTW I cannot see the image you have added, here is the error (my email address was replaced):

    Request Id: 11e2b302-838a-4404-bbfa-51c3ebec9400

    Correlation Id: e59e04e7-258d-4a58-9587-3944fd50d8c6

    Timestamp: 2021-05-21T08:29:21Z

    Message: AADSTS90072: User account '[email protected]' from identity provider 'live.com' does not exist in tenant 'F-Secure Corporation' and cannot access the application <https:>//f-secure.my.salesforce.com'(Salesforce) in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first. Sign out and sign in again with a different Azure Active Directory user account

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    Yes that's fine.

    Thanks again!

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    I have installed Computer Security 21.6 to a windows 10 machine. Assigned a profile that should save the bitlocker keys. There are no visible bitlocker keys in Security Parameters in PSB portal. I have launched "Send full status update", but still no bitlocker information under Security Parameters.

    Steps I did:

    decrypt C-drive

    install F-secure Computer Security

    encrypt C-drive

    launch "Send full status update"

  • JamesC
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    Hi wellumies,

    I suggest to open a case with FSDiag logs https://www.f-secure.com/en/business/support-and-downloads/support-request

    Please create and send an FSDIAG file from the affected computer for us to analyze the logs. Please follow these steps to create the FSDIAG log file:

    - Click Start.

    - Select All Programs > (Your F-Secure product) > Support Tool. The Support Tool window is displayed.

    - Click OK. The tool starts gathering information. It creates the output file on your desktop. The name of the archive file is fsdiag.tar.gz.

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