F-Secure hangs up Mac after sleep mode

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If computer goes to power saving mode and I hit a key to reactivate it, the computer completely hangs in the password login window. I can't type, mouse is not moving, trackpad not responding. Only option is to reboot.

The Mac affected have the F-Secure Computer Protection Version 21.2 (38681) and Big Sur 11.4

I have the same problem with 2 other Macs with MacOS 15.7 and Big Sur 11.4 with F-Secure 17.10 (36471).

Could you help?

Thank's and best regards!

Accepted Answer

  • JamesC
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    We suggest updating to macOS 11.5 . There is a networking issue resolved there (one of the results of that issue introduced in 11.4 was incompatibility with GlobalProtect).

    If this will not help — please submit a support case with fsdiag, even after reboot it might contain logs that can help.


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