How to Interpret Software Update Statistics?

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I've just started using EPP here and am confused by the various statistics that appear regarding software updates. For example, right now the EPP dashboard shows 112 devices in the graph with 93% up-to-date. The data below shows 5 missing critical security updates, 2 with real-time scanning turned off, 3 missing important security updates, and 2 subscriptions expiring in less than 60 days. That's all fine, but if I display Devices, it shows 137, so it seems that 25 devices are not being counted. Digging a little deeper, the "Software updates" column on the "Devices" page shows 10 devices "Not installed," and 27 devices with "Outdated scan results," so nothing seems to quite add up when trying to account for the 25 missing from the total in the graph. Are there other criteria (time of last scan?) that account for when a device is or is not included in the dashboard statistics? The concern is that the 93% may be creating a false sense of security.

Also, they systems showing "Not installed" seem to all be MacOS systems. Is it correct to say that software updates can't be checked/installed on MacOS systems? Also if I look at the RDR dashboard, it shows only eight systems running MacOS (plus one Other), so something seems a little inconsistent there as well.


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    Currently, Mac products do not support a Software Update / Patch Management feature like Windows product.

    At the moment, this feature is only limited to Windows clients, not to be used for Mac clients.


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