Allow applications that DeepGuard has blocked to run through PSB portal

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Is there an easy way to allow application that has been blocked to run from the PSB portal? In this case it is a false alarm as can be seen below:


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  • MonikaL
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    The application is blocked by DeepGuard as rare application.

    You need to create the whitelisting using SHA1 hash for the application, via the following setting, and configure to trust the file:

    * Real-time scanning > DeepGuard protection rule

  • MikaArasola
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    If you look at the detection in security events and click the menu open you should see an option to "exclude by SHA1" or "exclude by file path". These links will take you to the profile used by the device with the detection and pre-populate the exclusion field for you.

    You can now also submit a false positive from the same menu by selecting "report a possible false positive", it will upload the file directly from the client for analysis.


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